Anteforma was made to break the rules. Challenging opulent conventions, we set out to make something different. To remake, to reimagine and to reform the notion of luxury, craft and eccentricity. Our story is one of Italia turrita. Founded in Milan, we continue to tell our tale from the same terrain. Designed, produced and crafted in Italy. Formed by our exploration of mid-century design and contemporary culture, our philosophy is grounded upon our obsession for quality. We take pride in what we do, and why we do it. Born out of an eclectic, borderless conception. Built beyond function. Luxury reformed. Handmade in Italy. Crafted for Purpose. Collection launching spring 22.

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The collection.

Our 15 piece furniture collection is one crafted for the comfort, practicality and versatility of modern life, without making compromises on quality. Employing a novel approach to the material conventions of luxury, the collection makes reference to its mid-century predecessors whilst championing its own unique voice; utilising traditional natural materials in striking atypical combinations. Made at the hands of time-honoured craftspeople, each piece exudes an elegance and restraint that allows it to feel at home anywhere – encapsulating not only an expression of contemporary prosperity but also a neoteric nuance. Modern luxury, new subtlety.